Psychiatric Disorders Book

An assignment in Typography course, 2nd year.
I had to make a modifier following to nature as a theme (with 3 sections ,1 short article,
3 title page and 36 definitions & images). I chose to focus on the mysterious side in human's nature -
psychiatric disorders. With the help of my dear boyfriend that brought me his books from med school,
we wrote the main and most interesting psychiatric disorders definitions.

The book divided into 3 sections when the first section's images are white and black butterflies locked in a frame.
Later in the second section, the butterflies become colorful and independent in their own page part.
Finally, the butterflies in the 3rd part disappear from the frame, while the frame stay,
so it's all becomes more abstract and free. Each butterfly and color was chosen accordingly to my Interpretation
of the disease, and the madness being realized through the complex grid with 1 vanishing point.
More about the structure of the book - Each disorder's title in the first chapter is made with a different manual -
experimental technique, that tries to express with typography the symptoms of each disease.

Lecturer: Nadav Shalev