Ink Series Levinsky Market - Tel Aviv

I had to make an ink series (with at least 3 parts) that reflects my point of view
on Levinsky Market in Tel Aviv. The tastes, smells and textures were interesting,
but most of all when I walked through the small streets of the market,
I wanted to see the hard working people behind each stand and little store.
As I walked by, I brought my camera and tried to capture the moment and the feeling,
but it wasn't good enough. I searched all kind of photography of Levinsky Market's people,
and then I bumped into Omer Calev amazing photography.
I felt like he captured it in the way I saw it in my mind and immediately contact him
for his permission to draw a series of ink paintings as reference from his photography.

Thank you Omer for this great opportunity.

Lecturer: Itzik Rennert