Halo project - Yale university & Shenkar

A special course - cooperation of Yale School of Management and design and Shenkar.
Inspired by Yale’s research “Products made by Mistake” we created the “HALO PROJECT” -
A new concept for companies with two (2) platforms, to reveal the mistake stories behind their products.
(“Made by Mistake: When Mistakes Increase Product Preference” by Tall Reich, Daniella Kupor, Rosanna
Smith).In that way, we are solving our research question “How designers can Create a positive perception-
a PLUS-PLUS perception for creator and mistake product? How to preserve the halo effect in contrast to research
results? “We are rebranding and creating an ecological concept at the same time.

Lots of these products neglected over the years, and their beauty seemed to degenerate with the passage of time.
But now they are seen in a new light. Our first impression - Halo effect - was wrong.
All of them were born out of mistakes, what makes them more improbable, and thus more unique.
The more unique - more beautiful.

Made by my me and by my friend the Textile designer - Karin Bakshi
Guidance: Dr. Katya Oicherman, Tamar Mani & Yoav Ziv 

PRESS - YALE video 
YALE official website - an article about the collaboration